Videotapes to DVD


Transfer or Digitize Videocassettes of all types

VHS , VHS-C , Betamax , Video8 , BetaCam SP , 3/4 SP , Umatic , MiniDV , PAL/SECAM



  • Free DVD Titling


  • Free 2nd DVD Copy

  • Free Multi-disc album case for 4+ DVDs

  • Fast Turnaround


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                             All Jobs completed on our premises.

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We transfer VHS, 8mm Video, VHS-C, Betamax and most any other ageing videotape format to DVD or digital files for further editing, all done securely and in-house.  If your VCR is dead, you can check out your VCR tapes in our private viewing area to confirm its contents.

Assisted by VideoLab’s highly specialized transfer equipment and facilities, our veteran staff is among the region's most experienced in video-converting and transfer techniques.  We can convert from virtually all older video formats to DVD or digital file for further editing. VideoLab also converts from foreign formats (PAL/SECAM) to USA or vise-versa and then transfer to DVD.

Both to maximize condensing of your old tapes, and to save our clients money, we encourage you to number each of your old tapes chronologically so we can attempt to combine as many tapes as possible onto each DVD. (mixing formats is ok)  We find that a typical box of home videos allows for several tapes to be combined, as many of the tapes are often far less than full. To combine, we inspect, measure and review the content of each tape, logging-in the total amount of wanted video, (often removing TV shows, etc.) then tolling the results to determine which, and how many tapes can be combined onto a given DVD. (This is a free service)

Videolab has capability to transfer from, or to, virtually all older consumer and professional video formats.  All transfers are monitored, real-time.

For each finished DVD, VideoLab provides an attractive, custom printed, color DVD cover, noting the description of each videotape it contains. All finished DVD’s are quality-tested.

For added security of your finished videotape transfers, VideoLab always supply our clients with a free, complete, second DVD copy for safe keeping.  All finished DVD’s are quality-tested.

*Albums: Custom jacketed, color-printed, multi-disc albums are supplied free, when the finished transfer job consists of 4 or more DVD’s.  (Up to 16 discs can be fitted per album)

For added security of your finished transfers, VideoLab always supply our clients with a free, complete, second DVD copy for safe keeping.   All finished DVD’s are quality-tested.

The all-inclusive cost for VHS-VHS-C-Betamax-Video8-MiniDV is simply $34 for each finished DVD & DVD copy. All of the above are  included.   Should you need more than 2 copies, please add $10 for each additional disc.    

VideoLab also transfers from Umatic , 3/4"SP , Betacam , Betacam SP

BetaCam, SP - Umatic & 3/4SP is $39 per cassette.

Or,  VideoLab can Digitize your videotapes for further editing, and deliver your files on your flash drives or HDD.    Including loading to your storage media, the cost to digitize , title and prepare individual files from each tape is $25/hr,  per tape.


VideoLab Serves Client's transfer needs from Greenwich , Stamford , Darien , NORWALK , New Canaan, Wilton , Weston  EASTON , WESTPORT , Fairfield, Stratford, Bridgeport , Milford , Orange , West Haven , New Haven , North Haven , Branford , North Branford , Guilford , Madison , Clinton, West Hartford , Rocky Hill , Middletown , and from many other areas throughout Southern CT .